Brain in a Jar

In this episode we discuss epistemology and the possibility that we are not living in base reality. We filter our discussion through pop culture as we talk about Rick and Morty, The Matrix, The Truman Show, and video games. Enjoy!

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Brain in a Jar thought experiment

Your average Rick and Morty fan

Elon Musk thinks we’re living in a simulation

Lucid dreaming


Morty plays Roy

Universe inside a universe inside a universe





The Matrix, or as I call it, The New Testament: Sci-Fi Edition, was released over Easter weekend, in 1999, for obvious reasons. The film follows the story of Jesus, or as he is known in this movie, Thomas Anderson, as he learns that he is the foretold saviour of mankind. Wearing a cool leather duster, which is obviously the cyberpunk version of desert robes, this new, or if you will, Neo-Jesus, is helped by a band of friends (disciples) who all believe he is the Messiah. Unfortunately, a proverbial Judas is amongst them and the Son of Man must face his bleak fate with grace and courage. The rest, as they say, is His story.

Blessed are those who have seen this film as it is a masterpiece of science fiction. The fight scenes are over the top in the most perfect way, the shoot-outs are exhilarating and when you see the hero dodging bullets in slow-motion you’ll understand why the scene instantly became famous and why it is still referenced, parodied and imitated almost 20 years later.

The Matrix successfully updates the story of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and it aims the story precisely at those least likely to consult the bible for moral guidance. For those who have recently outgrown Harry Potter, or as I call it, The New Testament: Now with More Magic, The Matrix is a great next step on your path to pop culture salvation.


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