Free Will

Do we have free will? Can you believe in both free will and determinism at the same time? Will Brad have toast or cereal for breakfast tomorrow? We answer the big questions in this episode!

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The story of a man who got away with murder.


Sam Harris and Joe Rogan discuss free will
(Lachlan suggests watching at least the first four minutes)



Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise, is a film set in 2054, where murder has been eradicated in the city of Washington DC with the help of three pre-cogs: people who have visions of future homicides. The story follows Tom Cruise, who is the top gun in charge of precrime, as he goes on the run after the pre-cogs foresee him committing a murder.

The pre-cogs are very strange-looking and behave in awkward, unsettling ways which creates a jarring contrast with the classical good looks and charm of Tom Cruise whenever they share a scene. Though murder has been effectively eliminated, there are still many creepy criminals in the seedy underbelly of DC and Tom Cruise is forced to meet with them and other, less criminal but equally creepy, people as he attempts to clear his name. The woman who discovered the pre-cogs will give you nightmares, the Swedish surgeon will make you feel sick to your stomach and the guy who runs the virtual reality store will leave you disturbed and possibly feeling a little nauseous.

However, despite the uncanny people he is forced to deal with, Tom Cruise handles each scene with grace and style. His stoicism and kind face protect you through these scenes and keep you feeling safe. With a lesser actor in his place, the film would have been simply too much to bear. Be warned though, your heart will break for Tom Cruise as his backstory in this film is truly tragic. Even though the backstory is fictional, an amazing acting performance by Tom Cruise will ignite emotions inside of you that are anything but fictional.

In all, Minority Report is a magnificent achievement of acting and casting. In a role that only Tom Cruise could pull off, they managed to cast Tom Cruise.


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