In this episode we take on identity, memory, teleportation, and cloning!

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The ship of Theseus

Lab-grown human organs


The physics of teleportation

The problem with teleportation

Would you clone your doggo?

A very serious look at the potential dark side of cloning


THE 6TH DAY, 2000

This week I watched The 6th Day, a movie set in the near future… sooner than you think! That is actually the phrase they used to introduce the time frame which is quite an ominous way to start a movie. Anyway, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character is accidentally cloned by a group of evil people who are defying the laws against human cloning for money and power. When these people realise their mistake they set out to kill one of the Arnies given that their concurrent existence is evidence of the illegal cloning. This sets up perhaps the greatest idea in the history of action movies: two Arnies taking on the bad guys together!


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