Philosophy Round-Up

Howdy y’all. Time for another round-up! We finish our philosophy season by recapping our non-ethics episodes and wondering what the future may hold for BIABP. Brad also tries out his very own segment!

Thanks for listening this season. Bonus Q&A episode will be released tomorrow!

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USS Callister (Black Mirror episode)

Phineas Gage


Augmented reality

Snapchat’s dancing hotdog


Worst 5 baby names according to Brad

5. Louis
4. Jaxen (or Jakxen)
3. Nevaeh (and Enived)
2. Lexus (and Mercedes)
1. Zane


IRON SKY, 2012

In Morgan’s Movie Review I’ve mostly focused on action, sci-fi, and comedy so I thought I’d mix it up a bit for the recap by reviewing a documentary. Iron Sky (2012) is a film about space-Nazis. As we all know, towards the end of the war, many Nazis fled to South America and gave up on their fascistic ways, but it is not common knowledge that those who refused to stop being Nazis went elsewhere: to the dark side of the moon. That’s right, a committed few realised that if the entire planet was hostile to their ideology then it wasn’t up to them to change, they just needed to find a new home.

Okay so it’s not a documentary. But it is a story familiar to anyone who has ever played Age of Empires 2. You know, when your base is completely overrun by an enemy, but, rather than giving up and admitting defeat, you decide to stubbornly sneak away a few villagers to a far corner of the map so you can try to build up from nothing again for the small chance of being able to exact a terrible and brutal revenge on those pillaging your homeland. According to the story, in only 70 years these moon-Nazis have built a well-functioning society, out of nothing, that is now ready to mount a full-scale attack on Earth. As Hitler’s automobile company would say: “that’s the power of German engineering”. In this sense, it is a real underdog story, which means you will probably catch yourself rooting for the Nazis at some point. However, unlike World War 2 movies, this time you don’t have to feel bad that you’re rooting for the Nazis. Not only are they underdogs trying to mount a comeback for the ages, but they are charming, affable, well-presented, respectful, and, of course, stunningly gorgeous.

Overall, Iron Sky is not just a story of war, conquest, cool-looking spacecrafts, and meteor-blitzkriegs. It is a story of forbidden love, a story as old as time itself. She was a moon-Nazi engaged to the next fuhrer, he was a black astronaut who had his skin bleached white by her father. It’s a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, or, rather, an alternative reality future-day Romeo and Juliet.

Iron Sky is ridiculous, irreverent and it finds a way to offend almost everyone, just for the sake of it. It’s like the movie version of me.


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